We knit lives...

We knit dreams...


Our Origin

We are proud of being a 100% Colombian brand. Our design, materials and work are fully inspired by the beautiful nature of our motherland. Wearing a Carola bag is about making the dreams of many people come true, this is why all our bags are unique. Our bags are knitted by artisan single mothers and indigenous tribes of the Amazonia. We want to give back to our communities their dignity and give them a voice to make our world a better place.

Our knitting

Our bags are fully knitted by hand with the love single mothers, whom inspire themselves through their work and are able to provide their children with prosperous lives. At Carola we prioritize fair treatment of all our artisans and workers.

Knitting a Carola bag could take up to 25 days.


Our Mission

We are committed to create unique, ethical and sustainable handbags without costing the earth. We believe that in today’s world style and sustainability should go together. Through the production of our 100% ecological bags, at Carola, we strive to empower Colombia’s indigenous communities, single mothers as well as other communities affected by the armed conflict.

Our Materials

We choose every material carefully, we prioritize natural organic and recycled materials.

We run our production
process respecting our environment. The whole process, from the planting of mulberry, cultivation of warms and the elaboration of the threads is realized by 200 families whom in this initiative have found a harmonious stability and peace, allowing them to leave their difficult past behind.
Organic Silk
100% Certified
Main Material
Cumare Palm 100% Organic
Summer  Collection
This special material comes directly from the Amazon and Llanos Orientales, the fiber used to sew is directly elaborated by the Jiw y Nukak indigenous tribes. Using the methods of their ancestors, they are able to weave the tapes one by one, creating a soft and delicate cord used for the manufacturing of our bags.